Mar 31, 2014

Consumers don't care about "frenemies" (Internet of things)

Interesting article about how mobile made everyone "frenemies" and the internet of things will make everything worse - because every company from current giant to startup (self-perceived future giant in most cases) will want to own the customer relation and all the data. Please, dear companies, don't forget the consumers. And please, dear governments: Don't forget the consumers. I am convinced that all the data created by services used or products owned whould belong to the consumer, who can then "lend" it (import/export) to platforms and providers to do what they have to do. But my amazon clicks and recent purchases and my netflix playlist and my click path on - all this should be mine. And if you promise to do something with it that will create value for me, the consumer: here, use it. On my behalf. Today, things are just upside down in this area.