Apr 3, 2014

After 18 months, 50% do not use their activity tracker anymore

And I can relate to that. I have owned a Fitbit, I have owned a Jawbone Up (which i used a lot, but after 2 devices broke within months I sold the third replacement on ebay) and currently I am using the Pebble Smartwatch which includes a Pedometer App and a Sleep Tracker, too. But I may ditch this one, too, if the apps that I expect won't come as quickly or in the quality I am expecting.

A very interesting study - free whitepaper download - by Endeavour Partners shows how people use activity trackers and wearable tech currently (US only). Over 10% of American adults own some sort of activity tracker, but usage declines over time of ownership. Similar numbers for wearable tech like smartwatches - after half a year, one third of consumers stop using their devices.