Apr 3, 2014

Again with the mobile shift: It happens in apps

I sound like a broken record for almost 2 years. By now, at least everybody understood that the mobile shift a) is happening and b) does not mean that people are necessarily mobile, meaning we are using smartphones and tablets also at home, from our couch, using our home WiFi. This changes a lot for digital businesses. Not only do they need to offer mobile friendly (if not mobile first) websites, but also apps. Or, if they do not see any chance to launch a great app that will be frequently used by a mass of consumers: how they can ensure to get traffic in future. My biggest bet here still is social media. At least Facebook, most probably also Twitter are among the top 5 used apps. If you are strong there, you might generate referral traffic into your own app or to your mobile site. This does not mean that Google is not still the single most important traffic source for most sites, but the SEO/SEA-game does not change for the mobile web. For apps - and apparently people send more and more time in apps as opposed to mobile websites, it does..



And this one is a particularly good read: Give me mobile first or give me death