Apr 1, 2014

ChromeCast - more than streaming TV

Google Chromecast hit Europe last month, with quite some success. It leads the German Amazon Charts for "Computers" since day 1, and UK retailer "Curry" sold one Chromecast every 4.5 seconds on opening day. http://gigaom.com/2014/03/31/chromecast-sees-strong-sales-in-the-u-k-norway/ 
I wrote about unboxing and my first impressions on my main blog in German http://epapa100.blogspot.de/2014/03/chromecast-unboxing-einrichtung-und.html - and my initial feelings were mixed. It streams stuff on TV really well, but do you need it when you already own an Apple TV? No. Not now. But maybe in future, because by streaming tabs from a Browser, irt could do so much more. That was my assessment after one day. A few days later here are some hints to where the Chromecast could be going. With free apps, of course.