Apr 10, 2014

Kind of ridiculous Infographic about Google+ for businesses

No one I know runs a Google+ page with the same enthusiasm that is put into Facebook. And no one I know gets significant traffic ourt of G+. The reasons to use the platform are, in most cases, some dubious but probable hunch about how it may help your search engine ranking, and that it would look bad if they were'nt there. Yes, some of my clients do hangouts with significant help by Google and reach good engagement, but the overall impact we can see is almost on Twitter level - or below. When I hear about "Best practices for business on Google+", I expect success stories and some information about how they were achieved. But not in this one. Google obviously still claims to have 500mn+ users and 70% of them are considered monthly active users. And the "best practice" is to use keyword rich titles, reach some +1s, grow your circles and make use of authorship. I'm going to share this on G+, just for fun.