Apr 3, 2014

Windows for free - if your screen is smaller than 9"

Very much like the "One Microsoft" strategy becoming a reality - i wrote before that I thought it was long overdue - Microsoft announced another decision that I expected to happen a lot earlier: They are giving away Windows for free. Of course, to us it sounds like just a desperate move, but for a company that made most of its fortune by selling operating systems to hardware manufacturers (and, by the time the iPhone was launched, made good money licensing the terrible "Windows Mobile 5.0") this is a huge step and the acknowledgement of a paradigm shift: As a provider of an operating system, you need to build a huge user base to attract  consumers and by that attract developers & companies and then capitalize on facilitating business between the two. They should even consider paying hardware companies to include their OS well-priced devices rather than charging them. This //build conference might really mark a turning point for Microsoft.