May 6, 2014

FIFA World Cup on ESPN

Soccer might not be that big in the US, but show me a European TV station that announces something like this:

"Every single match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup will be available live on ESPN [...], accessible online on, on smartphones and tablets via the Watch ESPN app, and streamed on televisions through ESPN on Xbox Live, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire [...]."

They will have live and on demand streaming, and additionally so-called "tactical cams" that the user can choose to see a fan perspective in the stadium, plus realtime-highlight-reels. Goals and highlights will be marked on a timeline in an on-demand-replay.

There's nothing ultra-innovative here. It's just the possibility to watch the games anytime, anywhere, with a minimum of service that a digital platform should be able to offer. And still, for a football fan, it sounds groundbreaking.