May 13, 2014

Internet of everything: cushions and lighters

When we speak about the internet of things, we quickly talk about the "internet of everything", imagining a world where every product is capable of a) collecting information digitally and b) delivering the data to some intelligence (that does not necessarily have to be in the product itself but can also lie in an app on your smartphone or on some server in the web). Health seems to be an area where people see the most sense in collecting data and analyzing it, so by looking at that market we get a good impression about what may come in other areas. By collecting, aggregating and displaying data, we can see the "true value" of a product (how often and how long we use it, for example) and analyze (and maybe change) our behaviour with regards to that product - or our health in general. Here are two examples from engadget:

A cushion that collects your vital signs.

And since sitting is the new smoking, here comes a lighter that keeps track of how much you smoke.