Jun 18, 2014

Facebook users and the FIFA World Cup

We get numbers from Facebook on the FIFA World Cup about the engagement of users on certain matches. A nice comparison between the USA vs Ghana match and Germany vs Portugal can be done when you put two articles from Allfacebook together. Facebook is moving strongly to a platform that wants to be your real-time-destination in social media, too - a place that gave Twitter most of its reason why. And still, you sometimes get posts up in your newsfeed that announce a meaningless goal right in the middle of yesterday's already forgotten soccer match - they are working on that, I am sure. Anyway: The number of people engaging with Facebook during World Cup 2014 matches is still impressive.

Ghana vs. USA had 10 million users creating 15 million interactions, Germany vs. Portugal showed 22 million people with 46 million interactions. Compared with television, that's nothing - in Germany alone, more than 22mn people sat in front of their television sets. But it's still not a small audience.