Jun 12, 2014

Surprise: Facebook uses all the data it has about you to better target advertising

When I explained the like button to people and showed them that the button "knew you were on this or that website" even without you clicking it, everybody was surprised. It was just a matter of time until Facebook decided to use that data to better target advertising. So even if you did not like any fanpage that related to Sci-Fi on Facebook and never touched a like button outside Facebook, but visited sites (while being logged in to Facebook, or let's say "not explicitly logged out") that related to that topic, like Sci-Fi Forums, movie sites, communities etc., Facebook would know that. And now they will start using this in advertising. It is legitimate to see this as a service, pointed out in Facebook's nice explanation video that came along with the news.

Not only the careful communication, also the fact that you can opt out of this (and see/change the interests used for targeting) show that they learned something in the past few years: