Jun 22, 2014

The Future of TV, No. 187

One of the most discussed topics is the future of TV, and that's a good indicator for a) the market will change fundamentally with some popular victims and b) there will be a huge disruption. We just don't know from which end it will come, be it hardware, software, apps, smart home etc.

Yet another opinion published on Wired says that apps won't be the ultimate answer, and i tend to agree. On the other hand, I just unpacked my Amazon Fire TV a few days ago (video won't work in Germany), but this thing has a voice search that goes down to titles. So no matter which app features the show I want to watch, if I just say the title, it will open the appropriate app. So maybe apps are more a tool to categorize input of content and organize revenues and less a front end, navigation instance. Huh?