Jul 4, 2014

FIFA vs. Vine

I have never seen a World Cup or EURO that offered so many possibilities to see highlight video and other match content AFTER a game. Not only are there many legal opportunities in most markets (not only broadcaster sites), but many work without geo-blocking. And FIFA has 2 minute videos globally available on their site. I believe they adopted something that NHL, NBA and others have proven: high availability of videos from past games are the best advertising for your premium product: upcoming live games (and the TV ratings are great). So my impression is FIFA became a lot more relaxed with videos that are published after a game. BleacherReport and others even use GIFs and many 'illegal' videos stay on YouTube for a pretty long time. But FIFA does everything to protect the live games (and therefore broadcasters who paid top dollars for their rights) and there's a new primary target: Vine.