Aug 10, 2014

Software is eating the world, why not also your CEO?

I have noticed more and more activity towards "Digital Transformation" from HR in the recent years. Not only with regards to BYOD strategies and digital employer branding, but really aiming to transform formerly analog companies into digital companies. I have also participated in a few projects where top-level-management was introduced to the digital world - one needs more, another needs less help, but what all appreciated was not the next 20 min speech about how many users Facebook has, but a hands-on experience, for example using Facebooks ad planner. Or printing something - in 3D. Or seeing a Fitbit in full effect. Or playing around with a Kinect camera. It is one thing to send your guys to the Silicon Valley for a few months, like some German companies did, and another thing to get your management out of a meeting room in front of a computer and - maybe - learn some programming. Because, like this article from RWW states: If your CEO does not understand technology, you need a new CEO. This might become true sooner than many think.