Sep 2, 2014

Disney values VICE media at 2.5bn?

I am not so sure about this. Vice is on top of all that "new new media" hype stories, but will they ever even make 2.5bn turnover one day - not to say reach a "real" company value of that size? Maybe I am not smart enough, maybe I can't see the strategic angle of Disney investing in them that will allow saving revenues and profit at other ends of their business, or it's just one of those hypes. Now Fox owns 5% (purchased at a 1.4bn valuation last year), Disney and Hearst (owners of A&E who actually bought the stake) now have 10%. For 250 million. Maybe that's a business model: Sell 10-15 pieces of a few per cent of your company at crazy valuations. Let them deal with the fallout.