Sep 4, 2014

What will wearables do to luxury watches?

The unbelievable wearable growth, Android Wear and the upcoming launch of an Apple smartwatch will have an impact on a few markets. First of all, just like with cards in my wallet, I do not have unlimited space on my arms. I won't wear three devices left and right and clip a steptracker to my underwear. It will be an all-in-one game, probably. On the one hand, we use to wear fashion accessories on our wrists. On the other hand: status symbols. Watches that cost as much as the car the guy next to you is driving.
Both may come under pressure. Fashion meets tech, but more importantly, luxury gets a new definition. No matter how rich you are, you won't be able to have a better phone than I do. Yours may be in a massive gold shell, but it will weigh more and your Minecraft, YouTube or Facebook will be exacvtly as good as mine. If this happens to watches, the likes of Rolex, Hublot and all those others may sense severe pressure. Personally I believe that the very expensive watches, more used as a financial investment than a timekeeper, may survive this. You don't have to wear your Patek Philippe everyday to value it. and you're simply holding on to it until the next generation takes over (wonderful campaign). But the "up to 5,000USD" range may get into difficulties. Or, as Jony Ive puts it: The iWatch may sink Swintzerland.

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