Sep 4, 2014

Youtube audience: Teens or Yuppies?

Both, of course. And everyone else. But there are some strange numbers circulating. While my impression is that particularly teens and millenials value YouTube higher than TV and anything else - note that 3 of the worldwide top 5 channels deal with gaming, that teens have a YouTube-biased view of celebrities etc., Nielsen statistics say that YT reaches more 18-34 than any cable network - other studies show a different "main audience". A research published by YouTube itself for Germany, where 1500 people were asked, is headlined that the common German YouTube user would be over 30, has a high average income, is digital savvy and likely to go out and spend money on restaurants and gadgets. Sounds strange to me. Very much like a "don't spend money in print or TV, buy YouTube ads"-cry to advertisers as they have teens and millenials in their pockets anyway.

Odd German stats:

YouTube viewership by age group and category like comedy, sports, news, music etc.