Oct 7, 2014

If content is king, live sports is the emperor-tenno-overlord

Digital and on-demand may kill linear TV and 'TV by appointment' one day. But there's one appointment that everyone will continue to make: live sports. How else could you explain the enormous, gigantic,  unbelievable 9 year deal (2016-2025) the NBA has just sealed with ESPN and TNT?

It's size is about 24 Instagrams or roughly 1.3 whatsapps: 24 billion USD. That's over 2.5 Twitch's per season. Just to put it into perspective.

I have no idea how you can earn that kind of money back with TV advertising only, even on an international scale since ESPN/TNT seem to have bought the right to market the license to international TV stations. Probably, a good part of the deal will include revenues from League Pass and I am keen to see which other digital products will follow.
This is a monster of a deal and it shows how much the value of content that can reach masses will continue to rise.