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Dec 21, 2014

Top Google Searches vs. topics on Facebook in 2014

Google Top 10 from 1 trillion searches vs Facebook from 1 bajillion conversations

Google vs Facebook

1. Robin Williams vs. World Cup

2. World Cup vs. Ebola

3. Ebola vs. Elections in Brazil

4. Malaysia Airlines vs. Robin Williams

5.Ice Bucket Challenge vs. Ice Bucket Challenge

6. Flappy Bird vs. Gaza conflict

7. Conchita Wurst vs. Malaysia Airlines

8. ISIS vs. Super Bowl

9. Frozen vs. Ferguson

10. Winter Olympics Sochi vs. Winter Olympics Sochi

Facebook for publishers

I remember a time when publishers limited themselves to 3 or 5 posts a day. Facebook keeps telling everyone that they can publish 20, 40 or 60 stories a day, and that good stories will find their audiences. Here's a tool that helps publishers believe and may also contribute to a better user experience: targeting by interest,

Push notifications increase app launches by 88%

So why aren't more apps telling me what exactly they want to send me when asking for notification permission? One in five apps is opened once, and never again.

Social Trends Media - the next native digital publishing success?

Nice overview in Forbes about the company and their 200+ social accounts appeared in February already.

Now they raised 2mn USD to further grow their main portal where most of there accounts would lead you to. Native digital newsroom, native digital cost structure, native digital business model.

The portal is "All Day".

Dec 10, 2014

Instagram surpasses Twitter

In a recent blog post, Instagram announced that they have 300 million users. Twitter reported something over 280mn lately.
Still - no links. But there will be a verified button.

Dec 6, 2014

Publishers and platforms merge into one

Very interesting article and perspective on how publishers (creating content) and platforms (aggregating and distributing content created by others) are merging into one, and how this changes digital publishing / media as a whole.

Dec 4, 2014

Slide Deck: The Future of Digital

Business Insider again with their (very nice) "Mary Meeker light" approach. Here's a great collection of statistics, research, studies & predictions on the most important fields in digital.

Watch Arthur C Clarke predict the Internet in 1974

He chose 2001 for his vision. I love predictions of the future from the past, both the accurates like this one and also the inaccurate ideas. Anyone wants to give it a try for 2041?

Dec 2, 2014

Search & Social through the eyes of BuzzFeed

"Search and Social" is the formula to master when you want to maximize reach. BuzzFeed tends to say that search becomes more and more irrelevant in comparison to social, which basically means Facebook in this context. Very interesting numbers and statistics presented in this GigaOM article. 

Digital transformation overview

Good overview with even better links on how business functions will be or are affected by digital transformation by Courtney Hunt.

Will eBay go physical?

Many forget that eBay is still a huge internet giant. And if you look at their activities including PayPal, it becomes obvious that their mission, beyond letting me sell my gadgets so I can buy new ones, is to help retailers connect with target groups and make better business. So why shouldn't that also occur in the physical world of retail? Besides testing same day delivery, eBay-transaction with pick-up in retailer stores and other things, here's an interesting experiment: a "magic mirror".

Are apps killing the web?

The evidence is there, if you look at time spent and all these stats. But the app system as a whole is dysfunctional, a "destination web", nothing but a bookmark list on our devices, and with poor app discovery mechanisms, only rudimentary attempts to deep link from app to app, no real "in-app-search" available and so on. Therefore, apps will definately not be the ultimate answer. My personal web-Guru John Batelle is working on putting this into words, and i am keen to see what he comes up with:

Best approach in my eyes so far:

Facebook's and GoogleNow's importance for news distribution

Interesting view in this "Monday Note" about how Facebook and GoogleNow dominate news distribution. Also, very interesting BuzzFeed statistics included - and a comparison of user behaviour coming from different traffic sources. Relevant to every publisher.

Dark social accounts for majority of sharing

"Dark social" means not openly trackable sharing like email from user to user, and obviously also "self-motivated" sharing via messengers. Globally, all social networks except Facebook deliver less than 10% of sharing, Facebook around 20%, says a study commissioned by Radium One.

Download only after registration, but a good overview of the research to be found here:


Own destinations vs. Social

I always have this discussion with clients: How much can we "give away" on Facebook and social networks, how much value do we need to build on our own digital destinations. There are more and more voices advocating that customer relations should be in the hand of the brand, so social should be used to drive people to own communities. Here's one of them:  

The future of mobile - Slide Deck

Business Insider frequently publishes useful slide decks, aggregating studies, research and statistics in a kind of "Mary Meeker light" approach. This one has some interesting numbers on mobile.

News websites are the slowest

News websites are facing huge challenges these days. To master those, at least the "handcraft" part of digital should be working fine - but it isn't. In a report on AdWeek, a study is presented that shows interesting statistics about the time sites need for download - and the worst performing category are news websites.

International Telecommunications Union - Study download / 2014

A free download from the ITU, a United Nations agency, presents a research about global internet usage. 40% of the world are now online, close to three billion people. This represents a growth of 6.6% in 2014. In the last 5 years, 1 billion people were added. Broadband fixed line remains an almost global desaster (9.8% of global population). More interesting statistics:

App install advertising

Good read on TechCrunch about Twitter, Google and Facebook making money from app install advertising. Since the app markets are dysfunctional, app discovery is a great problem for both consumers and businesses. App install ads are a great and growing business, and the main ingredients are to a) reach an audience on mobile and b) be able to deliver ads that link to the respective app market download page (for the right device and operating system). Most publishers struggle in realtime delivery of app install ads according to the device used, therefore Facebook, Twitter and Google dominate the market even more than (mobile) display.

PayPal numbers another proof for mobile shift

Paypal processes one in six US dollars spent in eCommerce. So their numbers can be considered close to representative. From 2012 to 2013, their mobile transaction volume grew 99%. Black Friday 2013 to Black Friday 2014 sales saw an increase of 62% on mobile.

[GERMAN] 2014 - Studie zur Mediennutzung Jugendlicher in Deutschland

Deutschland-spezifische Zahlen kriegt man gar nicht sooo oft zu Gesicht. Schön, dass mal wieder eine Studie zum freien Download zur Verfügung steht. Soziale Netzwerke nehmen eher ab, Messenger eher zu; keine großen Überraschungen. Aber wenigstens "Beweise".