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Apr 30, 2015

Is Google Now heavily underestimated?

Google Now has a huge potential, even though it might look creepy at first when you are not sure where (the hell) it got all this information. But when it serves you your hotel reservation details just right before enetering a cab on the airport you just landed in, you get to see the advantages of letting Google read your travel emails. Google keeps adding partners to Google Now to make use of their cards, the list is now 110 apps strong.

10 years of YouTube

No one thought YouTube would kill TV when on April 23, 2005, the first video was upoaded there. In between, when YouTube had (and still has) insane numbers, many thought that would happen. For now, all we can say is that YouTube perfectly amplifies and supports what's happening on TV. Maybe the next generation, growing up with MCN's, will behave differently.

Apps & software win over hardware

That's what Microsoft had to learn obviously. Trying to establish their own marketplace, just like Samsung, Blackberry and others before, they now make it "ridiculously easy" to bring iOS and Android apps to Windows. A move that should have happened with the launch of the new Windows mobile anyway.

Fashion Commerce is still up for grabs

E-Commerce keeps growing and growing, and so do all the categories, like computers, media, electronics etc. There are major players like Amazon or ebay sominating their respective markets. But in fashion, both are comparably weak and besides Zalando, market share sits there waiting to be grabbed. Fashion marketplace Farfetch raised 86 million at a 1 billion (!) valuation, and LVMH invests in aggregator Lyst in an overall 40mn round.