Jun 25, 2015

The most installed app outside Google & Apple App stores: Popcorn Time

Imagine you make it really hard for consumers to install your app, because it's will not be available on the app store. And you won't make any paid advertising for it. When you reach more than 1 million downloads on iOS alone anyway, then you must have something that people really want. In this case: free content. But i doubt that Popcorn time is only popular because it's free, it also has a) new content that you would have to wait for and b) there must be room between ridiculously priced and free, Most digital prices for a season of anything go beyond what i used to pay for DVD sets (and I bought many of them). This may very well be another reason for people who would pay 10 dollars for a season of something to turn to popcorn time: because they think 35 dollars is BS.