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Jul 24, 2015

Benedict Evans: Mobile changes everything

Most people who work in this area have used Andreessen Horowitz' presentation "Mobile is Eating the World" as a resource and inspiration. Now there's kind of an updated version from a talk Benedict Evans gave, along with some nice explanations and interpretation. 26 minutes well invested:

Social Logins overview for Q2 2015

Great overview on the use of social logins. Identity providing is, in my eyes, an underestimated business. Given that Facebook leads globally in this area, and their ability to a) individualize (and "socialize") each page that has a Facebook-logged-in user and b) to play out targeted advertising to these users, based on their Facebook profile, once a site would integrate their ad server, I think this can be a huge business.

Interesting Infographic on Social Logins:

NBA will offer live streaming of single games at 6,99USD

No reports on the availability of the offer internationally, but in the US, where the "League Pass" offers "out of market" games (not shown on national TV or by your local networks), these games can be now booked without a full subscription as "pay per view" for 7 US. We will see similar offers for all sports rights that are not sold to TV stations - or are sold, but not broadcasted.

"Download our app" interstitials can be counterproductive

Many people seem to be annoyed by huge interstitials on mobile websites promoting the respective app of a provider instead of showing the content right away. Google plus has now puublished their results and they are stunning, showing more proof that the mobile user is even more impatient than we may have thought - with their interstitial, 9% clicked on "get the app" (the article linked below does not state how many of them ended up downloading the app) and an amazing amount of 69% of users abandoned the site without viewing the content they initially wanted to see at all.

PopularPays markets Instagram reach of Influencers

Just like with MCNs on YouTube, we will see more and more marketing services pool popular users and influencers with significant reach and connecting them to brands wanting to reach people in non-traditional ways. One of those services is "PopularPays". They have 25,000 Instagram influencers signed up and brands can choose among them which they would like to integrate in their campaigns - and pay them.

Jul 2, 2015

Facebook Video gets serious

A 45/55 split, just like YouTube, is the offer Facebook gives content owners to capitalize on their video uploaded to Facebook. Given the crazy reach Facebook has and the huge amount of video views - the NBA had 100mn views during the finals - this will be attractive even for those who already have a running pre-roll business on their sites. And 45/55 is the negotiation base for those with premium content, like sports or MCNs (bizarre, but in their own way, both are premium).

Since Facebook will play the ads .- for now - in between video plays (before seeing a "related" or "suggested" video), wait for a new optimization discipline to come: how to hack the "Facebook suggests" code.