Sep 23, 2015

The Washington Post will publish approx 1,200 articles a day on Facebook Instant Articles

It was clear that Facebook would not give up on Instant Articles - we should expect the opposite, especially when after an initial phase of excitement the topic gets very quiet. The potential of this product is too big, and if you want proof that Facebook means business, think about what a blog post like this means:

But what about the publisher side? According to recode (link below), FB will now put Instant articles in more users' newsfeeds and expand the number of publishers who can use it, including the Washington Post, which goes "all in". It may be hard to understand that a few weeks after they announced that they will be integrated in Amazon Prime, they basically give away their full content of 1,200 articles daily in Facebooks newsfeed - but the overarching story remains the same: Can a newspaper produce quality journalism and survive on the advertising business models that run on their own platforms like apps and web? WP says: probably not. So prime integration as well as articles that become own little business cases floating around newsfeeds, attached to advertisements that the operators of the newsfeed sell, may be an answer.