Sep 8, 2015

Will action sports overtake team/ball sports with millenials?

Interesting article in NYT about "2nd tier sports" - actions sports. Apparently, they are more popular than football (american & soccer), Basketball etc. if you look at the online consumption. This might have various reasons, the major one probably being the value of license rights that makes the popular team sports less present online, but would count for more rather than less popularity. But: Less presence may easily lead to a shift in interests. "Action sports" may not have the huge mega-events the way traditional sports work, so they are less interesting for linear TV broadcasting, but are much more suitable for highlight clips, on demand, activity that is taken out of the competitive context - something that makes 90-99% of traditional sports clips attractive. We will see that in other content categories, too: on-demand capabilities that we "overlooked" because we used to produce for traditional TV first. And with on-demand capabilities comes audience, with audience come new production budgets like with Red Bull or, popular example in this article, "We are blood", probably the most expensive Skateboarding film ever made.