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Feb 17, 2016

Revenue / Profit of Internet Giants in realtime

Embeddable and nice for presentations. Would have loved to see BMW, Exxon, Walmart, Goldman Sachs and Lufthansa in comparison.

WeChat 101

Here are three articles that give a good overview over that one service that is among the top5 downloaded apps (regardless of pre-installed apps like Google on Android) that dies not belong to Facebook: WeChat. Messengers are big, China is big, WeChat is huge. It now celebrates 5 years and - be strong now - made more transactions over Chinese New Year than PayPal made in the whole year of 2015.

Here's a good overview of the 5 year history of WeChat:

April 2015: great article about WeChat's influence on publishing:

WeChat NYE transactions in numbers:

How to Snapchat like a boss

Funny piece on BuzzFeed about Snapchat and how teens and millenials use it. Want to be even more afraid of using it than you are now? Read this. And then think of how representative research with n=1 is.

BuzzFeed and Distributed Media

I wrote a lot about Buzzfeed and many others did, too. Because it is simply impressive and we can learn so much about the workings of today's digital media. One core aspect of all this is the decreasing importance of destinations and the increasing importance of distributing your content, meeting the consumers wherever they are. Here's a good article that explains in detail how BuzzFeed does that (today, because tomorrow, this may change completely).

About the API Economy

If you read one 5-min article today, make it this one. It is not the deepest, but well written and to the point. I strongly agree with most points that it makes (and forget Uber as such, it's just an example). We have to think about building platforms and systems instead of destinations and applications (almost two years ago, May 2014, I first saw a bigger-scale expirement like this in Germany, "About me"/Otto - Link here).
I don't know if having the right API strategy will determine the success and survival of companies, though, like the article concludes. Too many companies heard way too often that survival is at stake, they are all still there, moving at their own pace, and are neither culturally nor in their access to respective resources (developers etc.) ready for such moves that almost everytime touch the core of these corporations. But I agree that almost every company should develop and evaluate their view of API strategy approaches very frequently in the coming years.

[German] Alles zum Facebook Newsfeed Algorithmus, Stand 2/2016

Die Grundzüge von Affinity, Weight und Decay halte ich für wichtiges Basiswissen für jeden, der damit beruflich auch nur am Rande zu tun hat. Meistens reichen die aber auch. Wer tiefer bohren will, findet hier zumindest eine Aufstellung weiterer Faktoren, die auch alle (irgendeinen) Einfluss auf die organische Reichweite von Facebook-Posts haben. Immerhin.

[German] Artikel Optimierung mit User Feedbacks / Tagesanzeiger Datenblog

Ich sage es ungern, aber für mindestens eine der Grafiken empfehle ich einen PC statt Smartphone. Mit der #12-Auswertung herumspielen macht dafür doppelt Spaß. Insgesamt ein hoch interessanter Artikel über Daten, die nicht aus Beobachtung, Algorithmus-Magie und Facebook-Profil kommen (nicht, dass das immer etwas schlechtes wäre), sondern aus direktem User-Feedback. Und was man aus diesen lernen kann. Was mich immer wieder zu meiner aktuellen Haltung bringt: Journalisten sollen das tun, was sie am besten können - spannende, interessante, tolle Inhalte produzieren. Und wir müssen ihnen mit Informationen, Handwerkszeug und Distributionswegen helfen, ihr Publikum zu finden.

BMW Labs is how it's done

I am quite impressed with BMW Labs. Because I found them through a friend's post and then was reminded again by driving in a friend's BMW, and not through that 19page Wired-Special with 17 chief executives taking credit for the world's innovation efforts in general, and then showing us their loft offices in Palo Alto, Helsinki and Munich. Nope, all you get to see is a website, a service here and there (being a fan of IFTTT, I admit I am biased) and a text that states that the services from labs are not ready, may not always work, may disappear etc. If you have ever worked for a big brand that considered itself leading, you know how tough it will have been to get that approved. Check: