Feb 17, 2016

About the API Economy

If you read one 5-min article today, make it this one. It is not the deepest, but well written and to the point. I strongly agree with most points that it makes (and forget Uber as such, it's just an example). We have to think about building platforms and systems instead of destinations and applications (almost two years ago, May 2014, I first saw a bigger-scale expirement like this in Germany, "About me"/Otto - Link here).
I don't know if having the right API strategy will determine the success and survival of companies, though, like the article concludes. Too many companies heard way too often that survival is at stake, they are all still there, moving at their own pace, and are neither culturally nor in their access to respective resources (developers etc.) ready for such moves that almost everytime touch the core of these corporations. But I agree that almost every company should develop and evaluate their view of API strategy approaches very frequently in the coming years.