Apr 9, 2016

People share less on Facebook

I am not one of those guys who think Facebook's end is imminent and who is convinced that if MySpace lost 250mn users in a few years, Facebook could easily manage to lose a billion in half the time. I think all of this is complete BS, which is why I am always sceptical when I read headlines that predict that Facebook will go down soon etc. But this article here has at least a few interesting stats and numbers in it, and frankly about something that many of us have noticed, but never had any measurable proof for it:

The article says that from 2014 to 2015, updates from users that consist of their own words and images and videos, have declined by 21%.

My personal opinion is that these contents have gone to messaging, and Facebook is well positioned with Messenger and WhatsApp, but for Facebook, the newsfeed, this has to be indeed bad news. Maybe live sharing and - mentioned in the article - algorithm changes that give "original" content by users more reach can slow this momentum down, but my theory is that we are just splitting up the content we produce:
Users now have the choice to decide what they want to "broadcast" on a public social network and what they want to share in flexible micronetworks - messengers. This has to happen on Facebook Newsfeed's expense as previously we just shared everything there. Nice read (unfortunately without the messenger angle):