May 9, 2016

A bot that could be you

Bots are the big thing currently and I love to observe their development, being involved in chatbot projects more than 15 years ago (like this one). One product I have always dreamt of: A chatbot that emulates me. As a person. Here is one:

Although this is built too much around messenger. What I would like is a standalone cloud code that could serve websites, apps, messenger bots, whatever, and let's me feed it with information. With stories of my past, photos, videos, with my views on politics, love, philosophy, whatever. I could feed that thing until my last days, but then, it would be there for later generations of friends or whoever to be able to talk to me and learn about my life and ideas and whatnot. Anyone wants to build that as a product?

And this looks to complicated for me right now .-)