May 28, 2016

Automotive Startups Overview

This is less of a great article and more of a helpful overview if you want to research the current state of automotive industry disruption as many startups are listed in this landcape type image (link below). What I like most though is the headline "Startups that are unbundling the car". That's how digital disruption always works: Since the analog world is based on material, we often had to buy bundles that we would have never chosen if we really had a choice. I have thousands of songs I don't like on vinyl records and CDs. I bought tens of thousands of articles in magazines I never read. We were often forced to buy stuff we would not choose: I bought audio and navigation systems at ridiclous prices from car companies that were realy terrible products, but it was just those that came with it -  bundle. So "unbundling" often is one key process in digital disruption, and this thought may even be worth more than this overview here: