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Jun 14, 2016

Apple introduces App store search ads

... and many people think that apps are obsolete anyway, as stores are fundamentally broken and apps have in no way managed to become accessible (through search and/or interplay among each other) in a way a digital economy would benefit from. An interesting take on all this here on Techcrunch:

A good description of the product on Search Engine Watch:

News use on Social Media by US adults

Great statistics by PEW Research Center about the relation between news and social media, (for us: unfortunately) focused on US users. This is an update to a 2013 study and it shows steep growth of people who access news within social newsfeeds instead of going to homepages of news destinations - a trend that we can observe in Germany, too. Full numbers here:

Facebook video rise at the expense of engagement

Facebook (native) video is still growing and will get a lot more important to publishers once Facebook introduces serious monetization models (probably when display and app install ads will start slowing down). The rise of video obviously happens to the expense of engagement (comment, like, share), as shown in a study by NewsWhip. They monitored the top 10 English speaking publishers, including natives like BuzzFeed or HuffPo and traditional publishers like NYT, Guardian or BBC.

Are websites a model of the past?

We are discussing this for quite some time now. Apps made that question come up first, but no one can seriously think that with their limited discoverability and limited accessability on our phones they could make up for a website - unless you are running a pure app business. But distributed media, where content, advertising and dialogue is distributed over 3rd party platforms, and now messengers, where even more business functions can be "outsourced" to where the customer is, instead of him moving to our websites, the question is valid. Here's a voice from Facebook, a major driver of this development:

7 business models for bots

For all we know, bots will be a big business. But currently, this is only an assumption - it's the early days. Time to try out things and see how they go. As a first overview, this VB article shows 7 different models that can be used for a start, including retail/sales bots, cost per conversation/task, bots leveraged affiliate marketing and more. 

CNNs experiences with Facebook's messenger bot here:

Snapchat launches advertising API

We will see Snapchat "growing up" - not in terms of filters, but making a (left hand) real messenger with according business models and a (right hand) real newsfeed, too (read my view on Snapchat here). One major step must be the Snapchat advertising API as decribed in this article here. Also, there are a number of interesting stats, like 150mn MAU, 66% of them posting (!) daily, 60% smartphone penetration among US 13-34 year olds. More: