Jul 18, 2016

The stone age of bots

All of us are excited about bots, but we don't have our "PokemonGo" moment yet, the one bot everyone gets batshit crazy about. So it is hard to pitch bot ideas to management when, if you were honest, in most business case columns you would have to write "we have no clue". You can rather win budgets with "gathering insights, learnings, experiments" and "it won't do harm to our core business" currently. Evidence? Try out these: "8 bots you should add to your Facebook messenger app". And then tell me which one is great:


None is. The long term vision may be that people will text businesses rather than call them. And that not a person, but a computer will answer them. I am excited about the possibilities, too. But until the computers texting back aren't smarter than people - "if you want this, press one" - until then, letting people talk with people will be a major customer service advantage. Check for example the experiences of Indian heavyweight "Helpchat". I mean, it's even in their name, but they clearly found out where a chat helps - and where not.