Jul 18, 2016

The tragedy of PokemonGo

Interesting article on The Atlantic that puts PokemonGo into a gaming history perspective. I personally believe that, more than "augmented reality" and "location based gaming", the Pokemon franchise is the reason for its success. People who are 32 today have had great afternoons and evenings playing Pokemon on their 90s consoles. Kids know the franchise from their Nintendos. it is just the perfect brand and set of characters to move Nintendo away from the consoles and onto the mobile phones, although Niantec probably did the hard part of the moving: But without the Pokemons, it wouldn't work that well - it would just be another interesting experiment and not such a mass phenomenon.


But maybe Pokemon will be the ice breaker for similar apps or augmented reality in a business context as already now I am being asked what to learn from PokemonGo's success, but for now, after having the game for a week, I guess the answers are a lot simpler than one would expect:

1. The power of an established "love"-brand

2. The power of the consumer - even if you plan to launch in different countries subsequently, they will simply find the APK from other countries and start playing

3. Don't ignore the history of games that have paved the way, this success does not come out of nowhere (esp. in game concept/tech side), see link

4. Don't underestimate, even in 2016, the tech & server power needed for realtime, location based games on a global scale

5. Don't think that without any foundations (Niantec's Ingress database & experiences, Nintendo's Pokemon brand) you could build a similar app for your bank or chain of supermarkets and could put "if we only reach 4% of PokemonGo players" in your business plan excel sheet, you would succeed