Aug 9, 2016

7 futurists predict the next decade

We have read all those things 20 years ago, and 10 years ago, only now they seem to be more realistic: Futurists predicting that wearable tech will change our understanding of our bodies, that better diagnostics will change the way we treat diseases, that scientists will be able to hook our brains to computers and so on. The most interesting bit in my eyes is the last statement by Mark Stevenson: It is not the technology, but what society does with it - and in the end, it is about how we organize ourselves. Facebook organizes information in a unique way (although that's Google's mission, and Facebook wants to connect the world - but it does so by organizing information), Uber organizes empty car seats, Airbnb organizes empty beds, Amazon is less an online seller than an excellent organizer of stock and logistics. It's all about using information technology to organize our lives, our societies, us.