Aug 9, 2016

WeChat and VR in China

I toured with a talk about messengers [link / German] in the first half of 2016, speaking about their differences to social networks and the opportunities that may open up through bots, and the feedback was great. But the most interesting thing for the audiences was the part about WeChat - given its size and impact on life in China it gets surprisingly little coverage in Europe and the US, and since we can't experience the services ourselves from here, there are a few myths about it, but also many chin-dropping facts that most people are simply not aware of. Here is one good, newer article about WeChat:  

Also, speaking of China, it has a short but great history about hardware, and WeChat shows that software and platform development have caught up to our standards. Put the two together and don't be surprised that there's a myriad of VR hardware and platforms we have never heard of, and that some of the big innovations in VR may come from the far east.