Oct 13, 2016

Importance of software for automotive companies

Car makers are good at building tradtional, "machine engineering" software. Software that optimizes how the tires behave while driving a curve, while breaking, or software that checks the status of the engine or any other functional part of the car. When it comes to consumers, car software always sucked. The "onboard computer", it feels, has barely left the C64 stages only in recent years. It is still way easier to bring my music on my phone and then connect the phone via bluetooth to my car speakers, than - what an innovation - just synchronize my music collection with some hard drive in my connected car, or, imagine that - stream from Spotify or Soundcloud or anywhere right in my car. And why don't I have a Amazon Echo/Alexa or at least Siri Assistant in my car for years? And despite all the progress made by car companies, collecting, analyzing and acting upon data, ideally in real time - compare Waze for example - is a whole new game. Hiring? Takes too long. Acquiring? Yes. Integrating? Pray and hope for the best. Here's an interesting overview from a venture capital perspective, on deals made in the past and companies that may succeed in this area in future: