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Dec 12, 2016

Step by step guide to Blockchain for beginners

Neufund, a startup founded by serial entrepreneur Zoe Adamovicz, set out to redefine venture capital. Their secret sauce is to integrate blockchain as a concept for decentralized economy and governance. They have created an onboarding tutorial for new hires as a step by step guide for blockchain beginners and made it available publicly. Great resource.

Mobile is eating the word - Update & MUST read

"Software is eating the world" and "Mobile is eating the world" were two of the most influential publications in recent years. Now Andreessen Horowitz updated the last one, and it is stunning again. Mobile is not about tech/digital anymore, it is about the economy as a whole. Highly impressive numbers and a great resource to understand what will happen in the coming years. Includes machine learning, AI, frictionless computing, cars and more. A MUST read.