Jan 26, 2017

Micro-Moments: Realtime, hyperlocal matters

I recently discovered the weekly newsletter on http://meshedsociety.com/ and sometimes I can find interesting links to articles on sites I didn't even know. "Street Fight - Inside the Business of Hyperlocal" is one of them. Although I don't really like to declare 2017 "the year of xyz" withing January, and the author might have an interest in doing so, being the CEO of uberall, a location marketing company, the article gives an interesting perspective on "micro-moments" and why they matter. Having had two years of "micro-services" in any IT-discussion, maybe we will see this term more often on the marketing side (side note: at the time of writing this post here, the article had 4 shares on G+, 44 on Facebook and 100 on LinkedIn - interesting spread).