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Feb 3, 2017

Digital in 2017 - collection of global stats

We are social frequently releases an aggregation of research results and statistics, and the 2017 report (which of course is a 2016 report :-) features some nice insights about digital: internet penetration, smartphone penetration, social media usage etc. etc.

Global report here:

Germany starts on slide 78:

Fun fact for Germany: 80.6mn population, 109mn smartphone contracts. 136% penetration.

The schedule and the stream

Long read, but worth every minute: An analysis of the stream as a relatively new way of organizing information (approx. 10 years): one of my main topics in consulting. This piece compares it to the schedule as one of the many "old" ways of organizing information and content, and how both differ in creating public spaces, and what that means for our societies, politics etc. Highly interesting.

1mn concurrent streams for a counterstrike match on Twitch

1mn concurrent viewers is nothing for linear TV, especially not for a globally accessible program. But in streaming esports, that's a real milesstone, and the match was also available on TV, ELeague's website and on YouTube. Streaming is special because there is no "audience flow" like we know it from linear programming, no accidental audience because of zapping or viewers that watched it "becausethere was nothing better on other channels". You also don't typically stream and do the dishes in parallel like with linear TV - meaning: a streaming audience is most likely a dedicated audience, and 1 mn concurrent viewers for a platform like Twitch is a stunningly high number.

Finally: some Snapchat numbers

Snapchat filed for an IPO and therefore had to release some numbers on users and usage: Topline is 161 million daily active users (DAU), 53mn of them in Europe, 400mn revenue in 2016 (coming from 59 mn), most of it in the US, and staggering >500mn loss. If they manage to create similar revenue growth in Europe and Asia, it can become a very interesting company though. I also found this statement from their filing very interesting:

"Snap Inc. is a camera company.
We believe that reinventing the camera is our greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate.
Our products empower people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together."

The full filing is here:

Two nice TechCrunch articles with key charts & stats here:

Pokemon Go makes 1bn of overall 35 billion global app revenue in 2016

We all know the app business is very short tail, due to app store structures and bad discovery mechanisms, but also app access on our phones (which is essentially a nicer bookmark list with icons on our smartphone screens). Still waiting for a smartphone notification stream that can be fed by hundreds or thousands of apps, but i am sure the day will come. For now, the short tail is very short - Pokemon go alone took in 1 billion of an estimated overall developer revenue of 35 billion. More interesting numbers from App Annie and Sensor Tower here: