May 11, 2017

Improving the bus experience

Many people, including me, believe that in future, not very far away from today, i will order a car on my smartphone, similar to Uber, and it will be at my doorstep a few minutes later, driverless, and bring me wherever I want. The car may be owned by you, but I will get a monthly invoice for my transportation by some platform (may be Google, may be Uber, may be someone else) and they will distribute my money among the car owners. On our way there, public transportation won't stand still, hopefully, and it is time this area will introduce innovation, too. Citymapper has collected 50mn to do just that. Up to now a pure software company, they are toying around with a physical bus in London that is fully connected, offers a screen that shows in realtime where you are, and on your smartphone, you can check how long it takes for the bus to arrive, how many people are on board etc. Can't wait to see how this plays out: