Jun 8, 2017

Intro to cryptocurrencies, or what does Ethereum at 260 USD mean?

Crazy times. A few weeks ago, Vinay Gupta, the release coordinator for Ethereum and a prolific blogger, consultant, publicist wrote a piece about what it meant that Ethereum hit 100 USD. Two weeks leater he updated it, because they broke the 200 USD mark. Now that I am writing this, again a few weeks later, we're at 260 USD. But the piece is not about the next bubble we're entering or how you and I are total idiots for not fully understanding what is gooing on; instead, it is one of the few articles that actually helped me understand that whole concept. If you, like me, never met a person who never stops talking bitcoins, smart contracts and blockchains, but who also could really enlighten you about these topics and could even answer some of your (maybe dumb) questions to some degree, this article is worth your time.