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Sep 29, 2017

The state of live streaming in Sports

Many say that Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple - plus Netflix - are bound to take over the huge broadcasting deals for sports rights from TV stations (especially pay TV), which will accelerate the death of traditional, linear TV. This article gives a good overview about the current state, and although there very little far-future insights or predictions, it is worth reading.

Amazon's power in combining Sports Live Streams & E-Commerce

Amazon started bidding for a number of sports broadcasting rights in diefferent markets. What makes Amazon's offer unique is that, if they show ads, they can immediately measure the impact of those ads. Plus, they know exactly who is in front of the TV, at least which household, as the rights are connected to an Amazon prime membership, so they have geographical, sociodemographic, and first and foremost historical ecommerce data about these people. This combination is so powerful, it may be the beginning of a revolution in what we perceive as "TV ads".

Sep 19, 2017

How not lose your job to AI

Great talk by a great speaker: Rand Hindi speaks a bit less than 20 minutes about AI and how we can adapt to a future where software does not take away our jobs. Take the time:

Do positive visions of the future drive economic growth?

Interesting, lengthy read about optimism as an economic value. As many companies employ futurists and have installed innovation labs, the questions about their contribution to economic success is rising. This article makes a connection between economic growth in general and optimism in society (and in different generations of society), and one could probably translate this thought into productivity within a company, too. Worth to explore the chain of thoughts:

Is automation destroying, but also creating jobs?

And I don't mean destroying 1,000 jobs and creating one for a system administrator. A study by Deloitte showcases a development in UK where automation destroyed 800k jobs but created 3.5mn better paying (average) ones, too. I have no clue if this is a "trickle down"-like narrative to make us buy into a bright future where all of us work less and earn more, only to find ourselves out-competed by software once AI takes over. And there are other stories happening today, like this great eassay by Lant Pritchett about "Geniuses destroying Jobs in Uganda". A field that's worth to dig into.

Study by Deloitte:

AR on phones

When Ex-high-profile Googler and now CEO of Niantic (the company behind Ingress and Pokemon Go), John Hanke, writes about the future of AR and what phones and glasses may contribute to it, you shouldn't miss it.

Blockchain marketing technology = ad tech disruption

A friend of mine recently posted a success formula: ([old thing]*now on blockchain)=funding. That may be sarcastic and sadly true in some cases, but this article makes a compelling case that ad tech - a business where 44 cent of each dollar goes to middlemen - is more or less overdue to be disrupted by a technology that replaces middlemen by providing a trusted, almost institutionalized relation between two former "third parties".

Lessons from 20 years of Gartner's Hype Cycle

I posted the 2017 Gartner Hype Cycle only a few days ago. It is a helpful tool, but as always, one needs to understand what the tool can and can't do in order to derive the right conclusions. This article is super-helpful when it comes to the hype cycle.

Non-linear thinking

Exponential times, second half of the chessboard, we get it. The real challenge here is not to observe, understand, identify exponential developments, but to challenge your (natural) linear thinking. This is an excellent article that explains the problem and gives tangible examples about linear thinking and non-linear thinking. Must read.

Sep 4, 2017

Ubers first pitch deck

Here's the 25 slide presentation Uber used to pitch its idea. It's easy to understand in retrospect, now that we know where Uber went from there, and hard to try and imagine receiving this deck at a time where development for Symbian is mentioned in the presentation. But it serves as a great resource for people putting together a pitch deck today. Keep it simple. And don't worry about design .-)

New Gartner hype cycle 2017

You can argue about its accuracy, but the Gartner hype cycle is always a good tool to explain tech and stay on top of major developments. Also worth to read the comments to the graphic.

57 lines of code vs. a 86 million $ project

Public investments are always way higher than private because they follow so many regulations. And IT projects are often unnecessarily expensive because no one making the real decisions has any clue about tech and programming. There should be "open source evaluation boards" or something like that where independent tech poeple can check and evaluate public projects. Read this article about how a guy replicated an 86mn project with 57 lines of code.

Digital identity initiative by German industry

I think this one has been underreported extremely: a cross-industry alliance by German industry giants including Axel Springer, Lufthansa, Daimler, Deutsche Telekom, Allianz and more to create a digital identity system that complies with the upcoming EU GDPR regulation. The first product will be a unified Login ID, I imagine very much like a Facebook login, and will probably be followed by more ID/data management functions. This is clearly a shot at the Google/FB duopoly. Maybe the last one.