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Oct 16, 2017

Spotify's Deep Learning

"Discover more", the weekly playlist with 30 titles that Spotify suggests for each user individually, seems like some kind of sorcery after using the platform for a few weeks: recommendations are so accurate, Spotify seems like that good old friend who helped build your record collection a few decades back by helping you discover great tracks and artists. The magic behind it is deep learning and narrow AI, and although music is an "easy" field - for example a music track can hardly be "outdated" or "out of stock, compared to journalism or e-commerce - the logic behind it is relevant to almost everyone doing digital business: learn about your customer from usage (not questionnaires) as much as you can, and the be able to apply these learnings in an individually relevant selection from your inventory. Increasingly, this will not be an "if this then that" matching, but an AI / machine learning task. Interesting read: