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Nov 7, 2017

Selfies & visual communication

Whoever deals with teens and Generation X may have noticed that read/write are not their primary choices of communication anymore. I get "k" for "yes" or "ok" as a text response, and almost always I would have wished for a bit more info than that. If I get a text like "Hello there! Yes, I arrived safely, and I hope I will have a good time. My friends are here, too. Miss you already." - I know the kids have been abducted and the phone is used by someone else. Because If I get more than "k", it's normally a picture, a video or a voice message. While on my personal smartphone the front camera doesn't get even close to 2% usage and the rest is done with what I call "the real camera", generation X seems to use 90% the front camera. In every talk I give, this two year old video (2015) about teen girls at a baseball game is always a shocker to the audience, but they recognize some of that behaviour in teens. Here's an interesting article about that type of communication behaviour - "selfies as a second language".