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Jan 7, 2018

2018 blockchain predictions

The Co-founder of the Blockchain Research Institute, Dan Tapscott, makes 10 predictions about blockchain and crypto for 2018. I have spent a great amount of time during Christmas and New Year's on reading up and digging into this area, a lot more than the occasional surface scratching of the past years. Honestly: I am shocked that yes, in every meeting and every conference of us people in "traditional" digital business, we mentioned Bitcoin and blockchain. And we talked more about our portfolios and coins as investment vehicles. I admit: We didn't take it serious enough. We should be in constant alarm mode, and I don't mean investing 1k in the next Bitcoin. I mean that the nerds are taking over, and rightfully so. The more I understand, the more I see that blockchain technology is our chance to make things right. To create applications the way the internet was designed to work. Many years back, I had the Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace by John Perry Barlow printed on plexiglass. It's on the wall next to my desk. The last few years, it was frustrating to read it. But If you look at it from a blockchain perspective now: We may be back on track.

So my new years resolution is this: deeply, and I mean it, deeply understand the stuff. Find a positioning for a digital strategist in this. Or change my job. And in order to understand how fundamental the change to expect will be, read this article: