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Feb 23, 2018

Buzzfeed was the biggest video publisher on Social in 2017

According to Tubuluar Labs, BuzzFeed's brands generated 64.8 billion views accross platforms in 2017. While the single brand ranking has been dominated bei Unilad over the past months (almost entirely based on Facebook reach), an aggregate of 110 BuzzFeed brands made 7.4 billion views on YouTube and 57.4 bn views on Facebook (remember that Facebook counts a video view after 3 seconds, with autoplay, while YouTube needs 30 seconds or 50% completion). The interesting question here is: how much money can you make with these numbers? According to Tubular, approx 8% of the video views generated by BuzzFeed's probably best marketed channel, Tasty, were sponsored content. Roughly 1 billion views from the 12 bn Tasty views. No clue how much money was in there. It just shows: You need many, many views to make money with sponsored content (as a publisher), and Facebook ad breaks are probably not there yet.

Overview from Variety:

Sponsored Video Charts (Feb 18):

Leaderboards January 18: