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Mar 12, 2018

We are far away from (knowing how to gain) control over fake news

No major election, less discussion about fake news - but we haven't achieved much yet. Facebook's strange introduction of "meaningful social interactions" and a two-question-survey about trusted publishers is borderline ridicolous. Currently, I heard this from FB directly, meaningful social interactions (MSI) are defined as comments and shares. Guess which stories get the most of these - "refugee ate a 4 year old blond kid". A German stat about interactions revealed a high climb for right wing publications in January and February. While established publishers are at a level they were 30 months ago (in interactions), (not linked on purpose) climbed 147% in Jan/Feb. I guess MSI at its current state can't be the answer, Facebook. A number of studies have been conducted, and they all draw a dark picture - we have no clue how to deal with the fact that every part of society creates their own reality, one the want to believe is true.

Fake news spread faster than real news:

Largest ever study on fake news: