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Mar 12, 2018

What if Publishing and Advertising do not need each other anymore?

I think journalists have a bright future. I really do, and always have to emphasize this when I give talks about digital publishing, AI generated story summaries and how technoogy will be a bigger source of competitive advantage than quality of journalism. I am not so very sure about the profession in newsrooms and publisher organizations, but I am sure about the fact that we all need and want storytelling, and I am sure that many, many companies will hire journalists in order to tell their stories - distinct from creating campaigns which will still be done by advertising agencies. 

Background is that any company could be their own publisher nowadays. The barrier to entry is so low, 14yo kids become global publishers. So here's one simple, but fundamental thought: what if publishers and advertisers wouldn't need each other any more? I just stumbled upon this 15page PDF, published in a joint effort by Harvard Business School and the Tow Center for Digital Journalism from Columbia Journalism School from October 2017. It's a very interesting, inspiring and thought-provoking read, you can download the PDF from this page here: