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May 11, 2018

2017 US digital advertising market numbers - 57% mobile, Google & Facebook landgrab slows down

According to the Internet advertising revenue report by the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau), the US digital ad market is 88bn, 49,9bn of that in mobile (57%). The study also states that search makes up 46% of the market (mobile & desktop, 40bn, up from 34bn) - but down from 47% last year, so Google's search business has grown significantly, but the overall share hasn't. There are no stats on individual companies, but I believe that Amazon's growing ad business may also play a role here. More key facts from the article:

  • Digital video advertising is at 11.9bn with 33% growth (while banners make 27bn with 23% growth, 67% of it on mobile)
  • Mobile digital video contributes 6.2bn to the above mentioned 11.9bn - while growing 54%
  • Social advertising is 22.6bn, growing 36 percent on 2016
  • Digital audio grows 39% to 1.6bn

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