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May 14, 2018

Pro Sports clubs are equal parts sports & media companies

Finally it's not me who keeps saying this, but I can quote a publication like Fast Company on that: "like all major pro sports teams, Manchester City as a brand is equal parts sports team and media company". The article outlines their media/content strategy without going into too much detail like technology or staffing, but gives a good overview of what (top) football teams have to deliver in digital media.

More in the same direction about the MLS - they "doubled down on video", and, like with any media outlet, a new star adds a lot of relevance - in this case Zlatan Ibrahimovic. And new stars require the ability to adapt content strategies to their presence, or integrate them into existing strategies seamlessly.

And finally, if you are not convinced that we are talking about "media companies" here, read this lengthy article about a night with the Chicago Bulls media team. No less than 20 (!!) people are involved in the coverage of a match. What seems to us like "two dudes with smartphones" near the pitch and maybe one more guy in some office updating homepages and apps, is in reality a full-on professional media operation that optimizes content management systems and other crucial parts of technology and creates first-hand, unique content for fans in an already "over-covered" sports media space.