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May 25, 2018

The Modern Football Fan (report)

UK-focused report on how generation Z consume online football content. It was conducted by Copa90, who will have their own agenda with such a study, but it's highly interesting nonetheless. It states that most of +16yr old fans get their introduction to football through video games (FIFA), often support more than one club and reject the traditional broadcast models. And they create: on April 3, 2018 - when Cristiano Ronaldo scored an amazing bicycle kick goal - over 5,600 accounts uploaded over 6,800 different videos/gifs of it to Twitter and Instagram.

Download the unreadable, terribly designed report here, at least full of numbers and stats:

or get the headlines from Digiday:

(The report also claims that young football fans "escape the algorithms" and try to avoid Instagram and such, but I suspect too much wishful thinking from Copa90 there).