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May 11, 2018

We are data factories (not mines)

Super-interesting read by Nicholas Carr on data. An older theory of mine is that we made a foundational mistake when the internet unfolded: we gave ownership to the data to the place where it was created rather to the people creating it. So when I purchase a product on Amazon, or even if I search for something on Google, that data could (in my eyes: should) be mine. But it isn't. In this case, it's Amazon's and Google's, and we are struggling to find regulations like GDPR to give me as a consumer at least some control over it. Carr provides a sophisticated overview on how to approach this question by seperating two philosophies by the metaphors of mines and factories. Plus links to other very interesting articles on that topic that I wouldn't have stumbled upon on my own. If you're interested in data, read this.